Thursday, May 10, 2007

The seasons of our lives

Rolling, tumbling, turmoil, and confusion
The path down was fast
And the way up is long
Stretching out before me like a winding dirt road
Lined with green trees on a warm spring day
Wildflowers blooming
The insects singing
The road should seem daunting
It is long
But all that matters are the course ahead of me
Step by step
There is no turning back
Behind me is winter
Cold, gray, unforgiving, and harsh
Staggering in the blizzards of yesterday
Still fresh in my mind
They should not be forgotten,
Even as my body warms
From the sun of spring
The planting of new seeds
Tilling the thawed Earth
And preparing to grow into yet another summer
But never forget
Winters always come again
But if we prepare
The harshness will be diminished
And we can survive until spring comes again!