Friday, August 29, 2008

Damn, they are good!!!


John McCain has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Let's run this down real quick:

Sarah Palin
44 years old
Elected Governor or Alaska in 2006
Prior political experience includes 6 years as Mayor of Wasilla, AK (population 7,738)

So, John McCain think that the person one 72 year old heartbeat away from the Oval Office is the Mayor of Wasilla, AK and two year Governor of Alaska. That screams foreign policy experience to me.

This pick was based on the belief that McCain can cut into Obama's 20 point lead among women and pick off skeptical Hillary supporters. The decision was not based on the ability to govern from day one. How could it be? This campaign knows no end to it's obvious desperation!

Here is a little rundown of photos of the Rube!

Oh good grief!

How you like them apples?

He landed the punch himself!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A side by side comparison!

From the New England Journal of Medicine

Obama Health Reform Plan:
1. - “Play or pay” employer mandate requiring businesses either to offer workers insurance or to pay a tax (very small businesses would be exempt)

2. - Creation of a new national health plan (similar to Medicare) for the uninsured and small businesses

3. - Establishment of new national health insurance exchange that would offer choice of private insurance options for the uninsured and small businesses

4. - Mandate that all children must have coverage

5. - Subsidies for lower-income Americans to help them afford coverage

6. - Expanded coverage financed through the payroll tax, letting tax cuts for families making over $250,000 expire, and savings from electronic medical records, disease management, and other system reforms

7. - Regulation of all private insurance plans to end risk rating based on health status

8. - Establishment of federal reinsurance program to insure businesses against the costs of workers’ expensive medical episodes

9. - Other proposed measures to control costs and improve quality:
- Reduction in the administrative costs of private insurance
- Accelerated adoption of electronic medical records
- Promotion of disease management
- Emphasis on prevention and public health
- Payment of providers on the basis of performance and outcomes
- Reduction in excessive payments to private plans contracting with Medicare
- Allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies
- Establishment of a comparative-effectiveness research institute

McCain’s Health Reform” Plan:
1. - Elimination of current tax exclusion for employer-paid health insurance premiums

2. - Using revenues generated from eliminating tax exclusion, provision of refundable tax credits ($2,500 for individuals, $5,000 for families) for all persons obtaining private health insurance; if insurance costs less than the value of the credit, remaining funds can be deposited into health savings accounts

3. - Creation of guaranteed access plan to provide insurance pool for persons who are medically uninsurable on the individual market

4. - Promotion of individually purchased insurance and less comprehensive insurance policies

5. - Deregulation of insurance markets

6. - Reform of Medicare to make bundled payments for episodes of care and to pay on the basis of outcomes

7. - Other proposed measures to control costs and improve quality:
- Enhanced competition
- Faster introduction of generic drugs
- Emphasis on prevention and better management of chronic conditions
- Greater use of health information technology
- Medical malpractice reform

Best speech yet!

These body blows were long overdue. John McCain got what he had coming to him for selling out Kerry in 2004. Good speech that said what others feared to say!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I can't believe no one ever wrote a folk song...

Here is one of the protest signs that will be present at the Democratic Convention in Denver this week...

Annoying? Yes! Sad? Definitely!

There are a lot of news stories and articles talking about Hillary Clinton’s supporters that are bitter that Barack Obama didn’t choose her to be his running mate. This bothers me a bit. I have to say something loud and clear so the “Clintonestas” hear this. YOU LOST! You gave it a good run, you fought hard and tough and LOST. What part of lost do you not understand? The winner chooses the terms. Barack Obama won the primary battle (regardless of margin). Therefore he is entitled to choose the running mate that he wants. It was never going to be Hillary Clinton.

Let us dispense with the suspense. She wasn’t even considered! Why, you may ask, not? She was never seriously considered because it is simply not possible to muzzle her husband. Don’t get me wrong. I love President Clinton. He is going to give a fantastic speech at the Convention, but he is all about Bill and refuses to play second fiddle. He would not do it for Al Gore, he would not do it for John Kerry and, most appallingly, he would not do it for his own wife. Why would Barack Obama willingly invite the Clinton’s into his administration? Give me one good reason? So a bunch of feminists will vote for him isn’t good enough.

If Clinton's "kool-aid drinkers" are really that miffed, then I am sorry. I have compassion for that level of jaded resentment. But get over yourself. Gaul did not dictate terms to Rome! John McCain’s campaign is trying to stir up controversy with this ad and this ad. The second add is particularly atrocious. Anyone who claims to be a “Hillary Clinton Democrat” and can then find clear to vote for John McCain is a liar. No Democrat could look at John McCain’s platform and think… “he better represents Hillary Clinton’s goals and aspirations. Someone who was supporting Clinton and is now support McCain doesn’t care about issues at all and is voting blindly. That is a bit sad and a bit pathetic.

Go ahead, pull the lever for Angry McCrazy, but it won’t be a voting machine, it will be a slot machine. Do you really want to gamble on this?