Monday, March 31, 2008

Faith restored

I attended the Travis County Democratic Convention on Saturday. I voted and caucused for Senator Barack Obama in the March 4th Texas Two-Step. As part of that effort I served as an Obama delegate at the County convention. I had hoped to serve as an Obama delegate at the State Democratic Convention in June here in Austin, but there was too much interest in our precinct and I didn't have the will to fight for it.

I had been concerned attending the convention that there would be animosity between the Clinton and Obama supporters, but was pleased that we were generally very friendly to one another and there was more cheering for our own candidate than booing for the other. The message of the day, repeated over and over by speaker after speaker was unity. Unity first, unity foremost and unity above all else. I will be very disappointed if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, but I will, without doubt, vote for the Democratic nominee.

There is a lot of talk from the angry faces on TV about the divided Democratic Party. This is bunk. We're ready to go. The press is asking who can unite the Democratic Party. Is it Al Gore? Howard Dean? Nancy Pelosi? John Edwards? I've got the answer. It is John McCain. That guy may be a hero and he may know world history, but his ideas are stale and Neanderthal. We'll be united to beat that Cro Magnon man.

Bring It On!!!

Is it just me or is this guy awesome?