Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey Hillary, You’re Not Bill! Now Shut Up and Go Away!

There are a lot of people out there that are enormous fans of old #42. By 42 I mean William Jefferson Clinton, our 42nd President. Slick Willy, Semantics Bill, or whatever you call him; love him or hate him, it is impossible to deny that Bill Clinton was and remains an incredibly gifted politician. This is a man who had a higher approval rating then the Congress that was impeaching him.

There are many who admire Hillary Rodham Clinton and believe that she was a strong first lady (especially when compared with Lemming Laura) and is a very capable senator for New York. I suppose Hillary is fine, but she possesses none of the political savvy or charisma that her husband possesses.

Many have marked Hillary as the presumptive favorite in 2008 to win the nomination and finally take America back from the “Jesus Freaks”. Come on, you have all seen the e-mail with the map of North America depicting the United States of Canada and Jesusland. Don’t deny it, quit your stuttering. Lately, Ottawa is looking pretty good, even if Bono did describe Prime Minister Paul Martin as impossible and stubborn.

I am a left leaning politico. I do not deny that. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I generally hate all things Republican and opt for the Democratic ticket. That is no mystery! That said, I do not accept the Democratic Party as a whole. There is plenty of dead wood that could be pitched overboard. Hillary Clinton is one piece of that dead wood. She sucks. There simply is no other way to say it.

In 2004 the Dems nominated Senator John Kerry a relatively straightforward, clear and consistent (is that possible in Congress) legislator and he was labeled as a wishy washy flip flopper (no Northwestern women’s lacrosse jokes please). So, what do the donkeys do? They go out a find the fakest, flip flopper of them all! Hillary Clinton is by all accounts fairly liberal. That is A’OK in my book, except until recently when she has used the long leaping strides of an Olympic triple jumper to scurry off to the center. This I cannot abide.

We live in a country where liberal is a bad word. It is interesting talking to my friends in Europe, there the definition of liberal is completely different and invariably is used to describe a center-right party. Here it is akin to being Karl Marx’ first cousin, some sort of red, commie swine. Republicans from Barry Goldwater to George W. Bush worked very hard to cultivate that perception. As a result Democrats of all stripes cringe at the very mention of the word, like zebras cringe as a lion bears down on them at the watering hole. It infuriates me that my ideological shipmates are such yella’-bellies.

If Hillary Clinton were to face Senator John McCain in the 2008 election I would have to think very carefully about who I would vote for. Like I have said before, I agree with McCain on virtually nothing but I admire his integrity. With John McCain you know what you’re getting. Hillary Clinton is an enigma. If she wants the nomination in ’08 she needs to stop being a coward and start being a Democrat in the vein of JFK, LBJ or even her husband.

Neo-conservative Republicans have a name for fellow party members that they feel are not conservative enough. They call them RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Perhaps, then, Mrs. Clinton you are a DINO! If you’re not, Hillary, prove it!

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