Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Unreality and the lazy President...

In the last several days there has been an interest and very noticeable shift in the Bush administration rhetoric about the war/effort/struggle (whatever we are calling it this week) in Iraq. First came an article in the Washington Post (read it here) quoting administration officials as conceding that they need to lower the nations expectations based on the un-reality of current expectations. Sounds like the administration isn’t as dumb as we think they are. They are just really slow. Someone should put one of the SLOW CHILDREN signs in the drive way at the White House so staffers are not run over by cars entering the grounds.

This “un-reality” has been apparent to many of us unpatriotic terrorist-sympathizing Americans who have been leading public outcry against the administration current approach all along. It would have been nice if our President and his merry muppets had listened to us to begin with. Maybe we could have saved them some pain and trouble. Not to mention 1816 American men and women serving in our military (according to the Washington Post) and thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians. The death and mayhem in Iraq is distressing to everyone, but to some of us it seems so utterly pointless and could easily have been averted.

As if all this wasn’t enough, this writer’s favorite columnist; Maureen Dowd is back with a vengeance. She was filling in for Thomas Friedman, who apparently is off testing his theory that the world is flat. Dowd’s column calls out the President for going on a five week vacation when troops are dying in Iraq. I guess he seems determined to press on with his life and maintain a “normal” existence despite all the madness that he has single-handedly unleashed on the world. Funny, I recall him taking a damned long vacation back in the summer of 2001 too. Why does he get so much vacation time in his first year on the job? When I look at my pay stub, I appear to have only accrued 30 hours of paid vacation/sick leave. I guess I’ll have to get myself elected President of the United States. Then I can lead a “normal” life. Seems logical to me.

At any rate, two things are clear. First, the situation in Iraq has officially become un-spinnable. The President is simply not popular enough among the American people anymore to have the constant excrement flowing from his mouth sucker us. Second, our President is the laziest man on the face of the Earth. There is a line from the West Wing where Josh says to his assistant, Donna, that if she was in a car accident he would not stop for a beer on the way to the hospital. To which Donna replies that if Josh were in a car accident she wouldn’t stop for red lights.

If I was President Bush (and thank god, I’m not), I wouldn’t go on vacation while the troops are bogged in a quagmire that was completely of my own making. Does anyone else think that this war in Iraq is an impeachable offense? I’m not saying that he will be impeached, but he ought to be.

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Anonymous #1 said...

Here's what I think about the war in Iraq..... I'm sooooo tired of this Bush Americanization-evil-doer-terrorist threat crap. Yee-haw Georgie Boy, you go you Texas freak, because gee you really are making the world a better place, in fact why don't you just buy the world a coke so we can all sing in perfect harmony.