Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A 1/3 Life Crisis?

In the midst of much ruminating on my job, and my dissatisfaction with the direction of my career, I turned today to a career profile test offered on http://www.monster.com/. The test is provided by some random website known as Tickle. It asks a series of questions and then gives you a brief summary of your style. The results are brief and offer you the opportunity to learn more by buying the full results. I did not do that, so I cannot vouch for the contents. My results were as follows.

The right jobs for you would allow you to be Strategic and Creative:

As a Strategic type, you want to be able to express yourself and your ideas through work. Sure there's a time and place for rules and procedures, but when a good thought strikes you, you don't want it to be boxed into one way of thinking. You're willing to go outside the rules if there's a chance that the risk will reap big rewards.

You are stronger than most when it comes to generating ideas. And because of this, it might sometimes feel easier to take on all aspects of a job yourself instead of wasting time explaining it to someone else who might not "get it" like you do. But because you have so many ideas and are willing to take on so much, you might find that you sometimes have trouble finishing every project you start. Your diplomacy and adaptability make you a valuable asset. But your need to feel invested in a company that allows you to express your original ways of thinking will ultimately impact how happy you are in the workplace.

That sounds pretty close to me. I guess I will need to start looking for a new job as soon as I can as my present employer certainly does not hit the criteria listed above.

Apologies for my long absense. It is hard to motivate to write blog pieces when one is in Europe! But I am back and I am working on a number of pieces to be posted shortly. If you have any topics you think are not being covered, add a comment here and I may address it.

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