Friday, May 26, 2006


Lucky Brand Jeans,
Steve Madden shoes,
Dragonfly shirt.
God, I’m such a cliché!

at least the jeans
are made in America.
Does that matter?

At least I look
like the man I want to be.
Now if I could just
act the role.

Expectation is
the surest way
to kill a dream.

The effort to expect
is difficult. Always
the shysters and politicos
standby to “educate”.

Oh how I despise them.

1 comment:

missgraciegirl said...

"expectation is the surest way to kill a dream"

about time someone sees things my way. i've been saying that for years only to be met by people who feel the need to tell me that my way of thinking foreshadows disappointment. i disagree wholeheartedly. if i expect nothing, disappointment is rare!

what's with your new poetic justice? just's a nice change

your friend,