Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bush's Brain

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was to see Karl Rove’s name mentioned in your comments posted on this blog. I have been thinking for several days how to address the truly hideous evil that is Karl and all things Rove. Contrary to what many might think, I believe that most Republican’s are well meaning, good, honest Americans who, in their way, want to make the United States a better place. This I cannot say about Karl Rove.

Rove became active in politics at an early age. He is a college drop-out, though it was at the University of Utah that Rove first became active in the Republican Party. According the Bush’s Brain, Rove’s knack for ethically questionable behavior began at the early age of 19, when he broke into the office of Democrat Alan Dixon and stole letterhead. Using the letterhead, Rove wrote a campaign flyer offering “Free Beer, Free Food, Girls and Good Times for Nothing”. He proceeded to circulate these flyers at a rock concert and amongst homeless people in the Illinois community that Dixon represented.

For his crime, and it is a crime, Rove was awarded the job of Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee. Rove’s “distinguished” career is marked by similar incidents. I won’t recount all the gory details; anyone who is interested should read the book. It is a quick and rather depressing read and not one I could finish. Like most Americans, I waited for the movie!

Keeping in mind that Karl Rove is one of the most competitive, most determined and most cut throat people in this country, it should shock no one that allegations have arisen that appear to implicate him in the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s name to Time Magazine. This is a man who will do literally anything to remake the United States the way he wants it. Anyone who thinks that current policy in America is attributable to Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice or anyone else is way off. American policy from top to bottom is the design of George W. Bush and Karl Rove. As Rove is extremely manipulative and the President is not particularly bright it becomes clear that the map is being drawn by Bush’s Brain. He may not be making the day to day decisions, but the big picture is all his. He is the one who has created the tenuous coalition that is keeping this policy moving forward.

Democrats are calling on the President to take the action that he said he would, if it is revealed who was involved in the leak. I will save you the suspense; anyone anticipating the bloody decapitation of Karl Rove from the balcony over-looking the Rose Garden at the White House will be sorely disappointed. No such event will take place. In order to fire Karl Rove, President Bush would need to tacitly acknowledge that he was wrong about his pit bull. Acknowledging error is one thing our President has proven painfully unable to do.

You see, when you are an ego maniacal cretin and have already been humbled by excessive consumption in your life (in this case booze and drugs) admitting error would be admitting weakness. When most people need to address addiction they do so through an extremely humbling process, most commonly a 12-step recovery program. This process, as I understand it, requires an admission that you are powerless against your addiction. That only then can you face and overcome your “demons”. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be, I am awed by anyone who can remake their life after overcoming such a high hurdle.

President Bush, however, did not use the traditional 12-step process. No, he was saved by Evangelical Christian teachings. He likely did not admit powerlessness, but rather empowerment through shear force of will and determination. Overcoming addiction in this way is equally impressive, it shows that Bush has determination, strength and will, but to me it also indicates an immense sense of self-importance. Bush truly believes in his crusade. He is humble before God and no one else. God has clearly given him the strength he needed to overcome his substance abuse issues. No one could or should ever think ill of him for this. But, I wonder if a man who is humble before God and God alone is a good person to lead this country.

To be a leader is to be humble. It is having the strength to unwaveringly lead when necessary and having equal strength to reassess missteps and change course when current policy is failing. President Bush fails miserably on this count.

All this and more will prevent Bush from firing Karl Rove. Bush’s Brain may be forced to resign, but I don’t expect he will ever see the inside of a jail cell. Don’t rule out a Presidential pardon wrapped in the American flag (phrased as, “so we don’t lose sight of our goal to hunt down the evil-doers, etc, etc, etc… blah, blah, blah, 9/11”)

Is Karl Rove guilty? Who can say for sure? I am not a political insider in Washington, but rather an observer sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean banging away on my laptop on this intensely warm Honolulu evening. I can say this much, Karl Rove is sweating tonight. I can smell his stank B.O. from here.

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politica said...

Headlines today show the blogger called this one right! Bush is circling the wagons and it seems clear that Rove is here to stay. The country will be worse off for it, but maybe the lack of consistency between what Bush says and what he does will be highlighted. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Keep the good political commentary coming!