Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Those who can't do...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I read a review recently in the San Francisco Chronicle of Coldplay’s new album X&Y. It was written by Mark Morford and can be found at:

I think this is a well written article, but I had a few question for Mr. Morford so I wrote the following e-mail him.

Michael, [those who read the article know his name is Mark, oops!]

I am a reader who lives in Honolulu. I just read your review of X&Y online and I wanted to tell you that I thought the piece was incredibly well written. It had the right mix of appreciation and San Francisco "look down my nose at you" scorn. Really excellent stuff.

Just a thought, open your article in Microsoft Word (or whatever word processing software you use, you're likely a trendy Mac user) and do a search and replace substituting "The Beatles" for "Coldplay" and replace "X&Y" with "A Hard Days Night" and you would have a pretty killer review of the Beatles third album. Don't you think?

Do you think Coldplay has the potential for growth? Perhaps not on a "Beatles" scale, but growth none the less. Don't you think that the Beatles, in 1964, were writing songs with mass appeal, "a little saccharine and uninspired and safe?"

I wonder if that isn't the hallmark of how a band grows.

Thanks for the entertainment! I honestly think you are a very talented writer.


[Name removed for blogging]

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