Sunday, July 10, 2005

MTV are a bunch of punk ass bitches!

Well, after last weekends coverage of Live8, I was ready to get on a plane to Los Angeles and fire-bomb MTV’s offices in Santa Monica, but they redeemed themselves this weekend by airing 5 hours of uninterrupted musical performances from the concert. That is more music aired in one day then the last decade combined.

I know I am not in MTV or VH1’s target demographic, but shit! Come on guys, play some damn music. Anything! I don’t care, play Kanye West, the new and improved (and off the rehab) Backstreet Boys, Justin ‘Mousekateer’ Timberlake… anything!!!

Instead, MTV has started showing crap like Who Wants to Date My Mom and Punk’d. I guess it is partially my fault. I will accept my fair share of the blame. After all, I did watch the first several seasons of the Real World. What can I say? I liked hearing Lars and Sharon argue on Real World London! I guess that was the birth of reality TV.

Well, I’m sorry. I used to think cable television was worth having. Now, if it wasn’t for The Daily Show, I would heave that accursed digital cable box off my 9th Floor balcony and watch it shatter into tiny shards on the street below. Perhaps it would clobber a passing scooter (that would be an added treat).

I guess I have nothing pertinent to add today so I will leave and go to bed!

Pray for surf!

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Shanti and Aimee said...

just canceled direct TV this weekend- only get PBS and CBS from Colorodo springs the old fashion way. The Daily Show was the only reason we held on so long- (and for Soxs and Pats games). Had some withdrawls this weekend- had to play with the baby to stay occupied. Also got a window in and drywalled the basement. As the sticker says- "Kill your TV". Oh, and Frontline on PBS is the best show now- no commercials.