Sunday, July 10, 2005

Crusty old white men rule the world!

George W. Bush is an idiot, most of his staffers are shortsighted troglodytes with a complete inability to see one move, let alone ten moves, into the future. I would love to take Dan Bartlett, the presidents Communications Director and sit him down with Bobby Fisher (even in his current nutty state) for a game of chess. I am thinking that would last about twenty seconds. Perhaps they could play a neutral game like dominoes. I am still figuring that it will last less than five minutes before the thoroughly anti-American, unpatriotics cold warrior cleans old Dano’s clock! With that in mind, I wonder if these are the best people to be picking the next associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

We are on the verge of getting our first new justice in 11 years. It has always seemed odd that the people who really impact our daily lives, the people who make decisions free from public scrutiny, the people who are the “impartial” arbiters of the people’s interests were appointed by politicians. As far as I can tell politicians have always been conniving little shits. Even Thomas Jefferson was an arrogant, manipulative, two-faced politico (even if he was an exquisite writer).

There are exceptions on all sides of the political spectrum. I suppose you will want some names. I will be happy to oblige. John McCain, I agree with this man on almost nothing, but he is honest, frank, and could care less what the powers that be think of him. Howard Dean, he isn’t really a politician anymore so he probably doesn’t belong on this list, but I must say his verbal missteps are refreshing.

The thing that pisses Republicans off the most about Dean is that he is invariably right. He always sounds like a stuttering idiot, but his point is right. Dean “put his foot in his mouth” when he said that all Republicans are rich, white, Christian men. While that isn’t an accurate snap shot of party members, it is a very, very accurate picture of party leadership. Sure, the GOP will cart out the Jewish Ken Mehlman as proof that this assessment is wrong. Well, what could prove Dean’s point better than Ken Mehlman. There is a line from the some mafia movie that goes something like; behind every mafia family was a Jew laundering the money. Sure, the GOP has Mehlman as a fundraiser. Who are the men in positions of real power? Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Dennis Hastert, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, George W. Bush. Seems pretty “crusty old sad white bastard” to me.

At the end of the day, these are not the men who run our country. They are the people selected by the Fortune 500 to take care of tax issues and legal problems for them. According to a little research that I did over 80% of CEOs are white. The next largest group is Asians at 8%. Even more staggering, 93% of CEOs are men! That is some pretty sorry S H I T!

We wonder why education dollars are not flowing into neighborhoods comprised of minority populations. It is clear that there are token efforts taken to throw minorities a bone, but has anything changed? Slowly, the powers that be say, things take time. It is pretty clear that for women and minorities there is a glass ceiling made of the same glass used to make NBA backboards. It’s not breaking unless Shaq hangs from the rim!

Clearly things are not going to change until people start protesting with their wallets!

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Anonymous said...

It's encouraging to hear some of Arlen Spector's (Chair of Senate Judiciary committtee, who will play a large role in the confirmation process) comments on the nomination process. Hope he's as independent a thinker as he's presenting himself to be! This is a critical time.