Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another impressive performance

Grasping at straws Tucker. Was Campbell Brown over the line or was her insistence that he answer the question she asked simply being a journalist (in the real sense and not the dress up "I wanna be a journalist when I grow up" sense that we have come to accept from the media)?

This isn't unusual for politicians or political staff. Most of it stems from the fact that these people are generally lawyers, are hired to pursue a "message" and not give more information than absolutely necessary and are generally not at all well versed on the issues they are being interviewed about.

Is this solely the fault of politcos? No. They realize that when the media covers issues they do so in a way that caters to the sound byte, ADHD, short attention span public that isn't really interested in the issues. These consultants know that if they talk about broad concepts those bits of the interview will end up on the cutting room floor. Therefore they rarely answer questions and repeat their sound bytes over and over again. Most journalists don't call them out on it. Kudos to Campbell Brown, who works for one of the worst of the worst networks, for holding the campaigns feet to the fire.

John McCain just passed up free exposure on CNN. That shows a level of infantile immaturity that is really unimpressive coming from an AARP member! It isn't just Republican that do it, but they are far more brazen in how they do it. They know that their policy positions are not built on fact or supported by data so they overcompensate with rhetoric and bluster. But it should be clear that Dems do it to. A possible solution would be giving them time to defend their positions and then cover it in full. Ratings be damned!

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