Monday, September 01, 2008

It's just too good to be true...

...can't take my eyes off of you!

The nomination of Governor Sarah Palin of the State of Rube to be John McCain's running mate is the gift that just keeps on giving. It was one big old nail in the coffin of the McCain campaign. They should start a John McCain campaign death watch calculator. I have to figure his chance is around 20% and slipping with each new scandal that gets surfaced on Sarah Palin (hence forth referred to on this blog only as "the Rube"). Other blogs are covering that, so I will refrain.

Maureen Dowd was right in asking why every time a woman is nominated to run nationally it is always part of a gimmicky Hail Mary throw? It is an insult to feminism and to the many women who are qualified, Democrat (Hillary Clinton) and Republican (Linda Lingle, Kay Bailey Hutchison, etc.) alike.

This is where the Rube got the lion's share of her "executive experience"! Nice strip mall city hall Rube!!!

Well, if she can take down a caribou, she could probably take Putin... a game of one-on-one...

...but then again...

Pretty tough! Let's compare...


naw, Putin is hard as nails! He'd take her down and then drink a bottle of vodka chased with her blood!

Nomination of the Rube is an insult! She is as clear evidence as anyone needs of the Republican Party's disdain for our government and the things our government does. I am sure that the Rube is a capable woman, but just appallingly unqualified for the job. The argument that she can identify with average Americans doesn't eliminate the fact that she doesn't have the intellectual curiousity to solve our challenges. The Republicans argue that the Rube has equal (more even) experience than Barack Obama. My reply to that is BULLSHIT (and you know I never swear on here)!

Here are more humorous pictures of the Rube for you to enjoy:

And of course, Papa Rube, the World Champion Snow Machine Racer:

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joe said...

whoa... she's like way hotter than dick cheney