Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is this what passes for soaring oratory?

So, the Rube gave her speech last night.  I think that the reaction to it in the media would be so hysterical if there wasn’t so much at stake.  It seems like everyone thought she was going to trip over her inbred feet on her way to the podium and drool all over herself.  Come on people!  She is the Governor of Alaska.  Just because she is a Rube, doesn’t mean that the state is full of them.

Last night was something of a scientific analysis of the Republican Party.  First we had Mitt Romney blasting eastern elitists, even though it was eastern elitists that made him rich (not Mormons).  Then we had Rudy.  I don’t even know where to start so I will pass.  In my best New York accent I will simply say: oy vey!  Then the Rube came out.

Now, those of you who aren’t creationists or advocates of intelligent design (creationists in their Halloween costumes, dressed up like eastern elitists), know that in scientific analysis you use the scientific method.  Let’s review for the “Earth is flat” crowd:

1.  Define the question

2.  Gather information and resources (observe)

3.  Form hypothesis

4.  Perform experiment and collect data

5.  Analyze data

6.  Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis

7.  Publish results

8.  Retest (frequently done by other scientists)

That is why you never hear scientists stating that they have proven something definitively.  In climate studied scientists never say that they are absolutely 100% positively sure that global warming is caused by human activity (mostly the hot air coming from St. Paul).  They say that all available data and analyses lead them to the conclusion that climate change is at least in part caused by human activity.  It is into these gaps of light that the “Earth is flat” crowd comes running, thinking that the lack of certainty means that the opposite is still possible.  Let me just say: it is still possible that humans have no role in climate change, but it is highly unlikely.

But I digress!

Last nights experiment was in whether the GOP had anything new, positive, or forward-thinking to say; whether they would hold those in their Party to count for the past 8 years or the past 40 years for that matter; whether they could build a vision of the future and inspire confidence that they were the Party to implement that vision.

The answer is no.  What we have seen thus far was bluster, rhetoric and hurrah America!  We can’t tackle our problems if we continue to believe that we can do no wrong.  It is interesting to hear a bunch of Christians talk about American perfection in a way that, to my understanding, is only reserved for God.  

“Nothing new here!” should have been the words in the back drop on top of the giant flag (in case you forgot what country you were in).  What we got from the Rube was a glorified Tonight Show monologue.  I am sure that Jay Leno appreciates that Bush’s speechwriters wrote it for him.  It saved time.

I will go through the speech in more detail and post as I have more to say!

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